The Brydge 12.9
Series II
for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Silver and Space Gray now shipping!

Unmatched Versatility.

The Brydge 12.9 series II bluetooth keyboard brings more utility and productivity to your fingertips. Longer battery life and faster connection for a MacBook-like experience you can't get from any other iPad keyboard. When combined with the amazing iPad Pro 12.9", they create the ultimate in mobile productivity. A perfect balance between tablet and laptop, empowering you to be highly productive anytime... anywhere.

Be Productive. Anywhere.

Don't be limited by other keyboards. Use the iPad Pro 12.9 like a laptop. Anywhere. Any how. Any time.

Stop Tapping. Start Typing.

The iPad Pro 12.9 is Apple's most powerful iPad. Some say more powerful than most PC Laptops. With the Brydge 12.9, now you can actually use it like one. No other keyboard brings a Macbook-like experience to the iPad like the Brydge.

All the Features. Half the Cost.

With so much power, why get an iPad and a Macbook when you can have the best of both worlds. The Brydge 12.9 gives you the functionality of the iPad in the body of a Macbook.

Wall Street Journal

"What I imagine Apple’s own keyboard case would look like"


"Brydge 12.9 aluminum keyboard for iPad Pro exudes class"


"The industrial design is paramount"

Developing Minds. Big Experience.

The iPad has changed the way children learn in and out of the classroom. With the Brydge 12.9, they can now have a true typing experience with it's aluminum body, full sized keyboard and beautiful backlit keys.

What's New?


Bluetooth 4.1 for faster pairing, zero lag & greater security.


Integrated iOS Battery Management & less power drain.


Butterfly keyboard with only 1.5mm of travel for a smoother typing experience.


3-level LED backlight with better light coverage and less light loss.

No Light. No Worries.

No matter where you are or how dark it is, the Brydge 12.9 has you covered. Featuring a full LED backlit keyboard, the Brydge 12.9 delivers the perfect typing experience in low light conditions.

Brydge 12.9 Series II
Available in 2 Colors

Space Gray and Silver

Brydge 129 Bluetooth Keyboard - Silver, Space Gray

* Every effort is made to match the color of your Brydge to the color of the related iPad. Please note that colors may vary from time to time so we are unable to guarantee precise color matching.

Brydge 12.9 Bluetooth Keyboard

Technical Specifications

Compatibility iPad Pro 12.9-inch
Dimensions 12in x 8.75in x 0.28in (305mm x 222mm x 7.1mm)
Material Aluminum
Weight 710g / 1.55b
Backlit Keys Yes (3 levels)
Battery Life 12 months (rechargeable)
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty - See Details >
Colors * Silver / Space Gray
Model Numbers BRY6011 (Silver)
BRY6012 (Space Gray)
What's In The Box Brydge 12.9 Keyboard / USB Charging Cable / Quick Start Guide