for iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd Gen, 2018)



BrydgePro power on icon

To power on, press and hold the power key for 1-2 seconds until the green LED light flashes.

NOTE: the green light will NOT stay on. The light will turn off, but the keyboard is still powered ON.

BrydgePro power off icon

To power off, press and hold the power key for 3 seconds until the red LED light flashes. The keyboard will then turn off.




BrydgePro power on icon

To pair, press and hold the Bluetooth key until the blue LED light flashes continuously on the power key.

BrydgePro power on icon

bluetooth setting

On your iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select "Brydge 12.9 Pro".

LED off

Once successfully paired, the blue LED will turn off.



keyboard image with cable

Insert one end of the supplied USB-C charge cable (or your iPad Pro cable) into the keyboard.

Insert the other end of the charge cable in to the iPad or a USB-C wall adapter. A red LED light will appear to confirm the keyboard is charging.

Once fully charged, the LED light will turn off.

battery button image

To check battery life, press and hold the battery key for four (4) seconds until the LED flashes three times.

Green LED indicates 75-100% charge
Yellow LED indicates 25-74% charge
Red LED indicates 10-24% charge

Battery Status icon

NOTE: Charging can take up to 3 hours. Do not leave your Brydge charging longer than necessary as it will affect battery life.

NOTE: If the battery life is <15%, the keyboard backlight will not turn on and the red LED will flash three times every two minutes.



When your keyboard is connected to the iPad via the supplied (or iPad Pro) cable, a series of red and green flashes will occur and your Brydge will enter wired operation mode. The keyboard will act as a standard USB wired keyboard, while simultaneously charging the battery.

When the cable is disconnected, your Brydge will automatically reconnect via Bluetooth with the last paired device.


Brydge 12.9 Pro Video Tutorials: