Instructions: Brydge 10.2


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User Guide: Brydge 10.2 - for iPad (7th Gen) 10.2-inch

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1 - Place your Brydge on a flat surface. Place hinges upright at 90 degree angle and insert your iPad into the hinges with the home button on the right.

2 - Lift your iPad to test the hinge grip. Your iPad and Brydge should be held tightly together

3 - If the iPad is loose, remove and give the hinges a gentle squeeze. Repeat this process until your iPad is held firmly

4 - To remove, hold your iPad and pull straight up, with one hand firmly holding your Brydge against a hard surface


5 - To manually power on, press and hold the power key; the light will turn green for 3 seconds to indicate power is on.


6 - To manually power off, press and hold the power key for three seconds. The light will turn red momentarily to indicate it is powering off.

NOTE: To conserve battery, your Brydge will enter sleep mode after 20 minutes of non-use. Press any key to turn back on. Your Brydge will enter sleep mode when both devices are closed like a laptop.


7 - Once keyboard is powered on, press and hold the BluetoothTM key for 3 seconds. The power key will flash blue until Bluetooth is successfully paired

8 - On your iPad, under Settings>Bluetooth, select "Brydge 10.2 keyboard"

9 - The light on the power key will turn off to let you know the Brydge has paired and the iPad Settings will say "connected"


10 - To check battery life, press and hold the battery key for four seconds. Power key will flash three times:
Green = 75-100%
Yellow = 25-74%
Red = 10-24%

11 - When the battery is 9% or lower, the backlit keys will be disabled and light will flash continuously

12 - To charge your Brydge, insert the supplied MICRO USB cable in to the charging port on the front right corner.

NOTE: Charging may take up to 3 hours.

13 - The battery is charging when the light on the power key is red; your Brydge is fully charged when the light turns off

Once finished, charging, you can remove the cable (battery should last 12 months or more based on use)


Undo = Command + Z
Cut = Command + X
Copy = Command + C
Paste = Command + V
Underline = Command + U
Italic = Command + I
Show Dock = Command + Option + D
Switch App = Command + Tab
Home Screen = Command + H
Search = Command + Space
Switch Language = Command + Shift + Spacebar