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User Guide: Brydge 12.3 - for Microsoft Surface Pro models (4, 5, 6, 7)


Your Brydge 12.3 hinges are set up for the Surface Pro 7, Pro 6, Pro 5, and Pro 4

NOTE: If you have a screen protector on your Surface Pro screen, we highly recommend you remove it prior to attaching the Brydge 12.3 keyboard, to prevent undue pressure on your screen.

2 - TO REPLACE: Remove the current shims, and ensure the inner-surface of the hinge is clean and smooth

NOTE: Removing all remaining glue is not essential

3 - Remove tape backing from front and back of new shims, and insert evenly into hinges

4 - NOTE: Ensure the shim is pressed firmly against the bottom of the hinge before pressing on the front and back


5 - Place your Brydge keyboard on a flat surface, insert your Surface Pro into the hinges with the kickstand closed

6 - Lift your Surface Pro to test the hinge grip. Your Surface Pro and Brydge keyboard should be held tightly together

7 - If your Surface Pro is loose, remove and give the hinges a gentle squeeze. Repeat this process until your Surface Pro is held firmly

8 - To remove, put one hand firmly holding your Brydge keyboard against a flat hard surface. Then grab your Surface Pro and pull straight up


9 - To manually power on, press and hold Fn + Delete keys. The light will turn green for 3 seconds to indicate power

NOTE: Once paired, your Brydge will automatically wake upon opening the Surface Pro. The Delete key will turn green for three seconds to let you know your Brydge is awake.

10 - To manually power off, press and hold Fn + Delete keys for 3 seconds. The light will turn red momentarily to indicate it's powered off

NOTE: To conserve battery, your Brydge will enter sleep mode after 20 minutes of non-use. Press any key to turn back on. Your Brydge will enter sleep mode when both devices are closed, similar to a laptop


11 - To pair, press and hold the Bluetooth key for three seconds.
The Delete key light will flash blue confirming your Brydge keyboard is in pairing mode

NOTE: If pairing takes longer than one minute, the blue light will stop flashing and you will need to press the Bluetooth button again


13 - To check battery life, press the battery key. The Delete key will flash three times:

Green = 75-100%
Yellow = 25-74%
Red = 10-24%

14 - When battery is 9% or lower, backlit keys will be disabled and Delete key light will flash continuously

15 - Insert the supplied Micro USB cable

16 - Charging is confirmed by a solid red light on the Delete key. Your Brydge is fully charged when the light turns off

NOTE Charging can take up to 3 hours

SSD STORAGE (Brydge 12.3 Pro 128/256 models only)

1) Connect the included USB 3.0 cable. One end to the Surface Pro (USB - Type A), and the other end to the Brydge keyboard (Micro B).
2) Brydge 12.3 Pro 128 appears as an external drive in your file explorer
3) Use as you would any other exernal hard drive


Help = F1
Start = Ctrl + Esc
Task View = Alt + Tab
Undo = Ctrl + Z
Cut = Ctrl + X
Copy = Ctrl + C
Paste = Ctrl + V
Underline = Ctrl + U
Italic = Ctrl + I
Page Up = Fn + Up Arrow
Page Down = Fn + Down Arrow
Home = Fn + Left Arrow
End = Fn + Right Arrow

Backlit Keys
Fn + ctrl
(Press 1-3 times for backlit levels. Press 4 times to turn off)

Language Switch
Win + Spacebar
(Spacebar allows you to toggle through available languages)

Touchpad Diable/Enable
FN + Alt
Hold Fn and tap Alt to disable
Hold Fn and tap Alt again to enable

Switch to Windows 8
Fn + W + 8
(LED Turns Green)

Switch to Windows 10
Fn + W + 0
(LED Turns Blue)

Scroll Direction
Fn + T
(Scroll Up: LED turns blue) (Scroll Down: LED turns green)

Function Key Swap
Fn + Caps
(F1 - F12 Swap)


- Left click on left side of trackpad
- Right click on right side of trackpad
- Scroll Direction: to reverse the direction of the trackpad's two finger scroll, press Fn + T

NOTE: Any motion of click on the trackpad will wake up your Bydge from sleep mode


Brydge 12.3 Support Videos: