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User Guide: Brydge 7.9 / BrydgeMini - for iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, and 4


1 - Place your iPad into the hinges with the home button on the right, and your Brydge placed on a flat surface

2 - Lift iPad to test the hinge grip. Your iPad and Brydge should be held tightly together

3 - If iPad is loose, remove and give the hinges a gentle squeeze. Repeat this process until your iPad is held firmly

4 - To remove, grab your iPad and pull straight up, with one hand firmly holding your Brydge against a hard surface


5 Turn on by switching the small silver button on the front left of your Brydge to the right. A green dot will appear

Put your Brydge into pairing mode by pressing and holding the long silver button on the front left of your Brydge for 3 seconds

6 - On your iPad, under Settings>Bluetooth, tap Brydge 7.9


7 - A continuous flashing blue light indicates your Brydge has less than 10% battery life left

8 - Insert the supplied MICRO USB cable

9 - Charging is confirmed by a solid red light under the right shift key. Your Brydge is fully charged when the light turns off

NOTE: Charging can take up to 3 hours

Keyboard Layout: BRYDGE 7.9 / BrydgeMini

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