Wireless Precision Trackpad for Windows

Available in September

Precision Touchpad
Aluminum Body
Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity
Up to 1-Month Battery Life

The Touchpad Windows has Been Waiting For.

Whether you're a creative genius or a productivity machine, the W-Touch brings every feature of a laptop touchpad to your desktop.

Precision just went wireless.

The W-Touch is the first ever standalone Wireless Windows Precision Trackpad (Patent Pending). Featuring a massive touch area of 140 mm x 84 mm, the W-Touch brings the sharpest experience ever seen on a Wireless Touchpad for Windows.

Native Multi-Touch.

Featuring the same multi-touch DNA as the Surface keyboards, the W-Touch gives you full control of your gestures - whether they be two, three or four fingers.

The Ultimate Desktop.

When paired with the W-Touch, the W-Type creates the perfect complement to your clear, clutter-free desktop setup.